• Unfortunately Brickflow's story ended,

    but as every ending is a new beginning

    take a look at the team's new project: Lab.Coop

  • Epilogue


    "Brickflow is a personalized visual-content discovery app that analyzes social profiles and provides a personal content flow of images, GIFs and short videos, based on what was previously shared. The app helps users to boost their visual profiles."



    Almost three years ago, we took the first steps in creating an open platform that helps people tell their stories through visual content.


    Along the way we created a web and an iOS application that helped more than 150,000 of you to discover and arrange inspirational and exciting content from all over the internet. We are proud of the product we built, but even more so, we are grateful for the community that made it grow.


    We are very sorry to announce that Brickflow's story ends here, as we have decided to terminate the service.


    We tried to develop and maintain Brickflow as far as we could, but eventually hit difficulties in funding it. After exhausting every option to keep it alive we came to the point where we could not commit the necessary time and resources anymore. Therefore we decided to close Brickflow entirely and open-source its code-base.


    However a part of the team is determined to stay together and start a new project from scratch. The experience and knowledge gathered while building Brickflow will make us able to do that. For that we will be always thankful for all our backers and users.


    Thank you for the time and support you have invested in Brickflow's journey and for sustaining our common passion throughout. We wish you all the best and may you always discover what you are looking for.



    Peter, Tamas and the Brickflow team